she only drinks coffee at midnight.

Today I heard the song “Meet Virginia” on the radio and was reminded of how much I love it. It’s one of the few songs that I have absolutely loved since it came out; it’s never gotten old. It must have come out when I was still in middle school (like ten years ago…eek), so I think it’s pretty impressive that I’m still digging it. Wikipedia tells me that “Drop of Jupiter” was technically Train’s bigger hit, and I find that surprising, because even though I love that song as well, I think “Meet Virginia” takes the cake. So, boys and girls, let’s take a listen:

I didn’t know that Train looked like that until about five minutes ago. Also, the lyric “her brother is a fine mediator for the President” has always bugged me. Today I had the revelation that the lyrics might be “fine media aide for the President,” which would make more sense to me. I mean I understand what it might mean to be a mediator for the President, but is that even a real job? And if it is, it sounds pretty important, so why can’t the brother loan Virginia some money so she doesn’t have to work in a diner getting hit on by creepy guys? Just saying.

[Editor’s note: It’s in the offical video for this song that Virginia is working in the diner, but of course that video is “no longer available” even though it was JUST AVAILABLE FOR ME. Ahem. Technology, you slay me.]

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