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your fearless bloggers love to spoon.

Pictured above, your favorite (original) bloggers

About Mallory

People/things not to be trusted: fax machines, technology in general, 20-something Republicans, people who don’t like chocolate.

Unhealthily obsessed with: Jim Halpert, making lists, Mexican food and drinks, beards, Colorado.

Favorite sports: lounging, baseball (when beers, hot dogs, and sitting are involved), adventure-having.

Favorite foods: salsa, goat cheese, salty carbohydrates, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, breakfast sandwiches.

Six word memoir: “Unabashedly awkward in almost every way.”

About Kathleen

People/things not to be trusted: Nicolas Cage, the Bible Belt, raccoons, Hummers, people who don’t believe in global warming, Joe Lieberman.

Unhealthily obsessed with: Barack Obama, food, a good “that’s what she said” joke, wonkette, Gob Bluth.

Favorite sports: croquet, politics, power walking.

Favorite foods: honey mustard sauce, havarti cheese with dill, frosting, pad thai, most candy.

Six word memoir: “Was homeschooled, still kind of weird.”

8 responses to “About us

  1. Candi

    which one is mallory? – you’re both wearing pants…

  2. Beefchocolatecheesesaltgarlic

    If you know Mal, you’ll know the femurs…

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  8. want to read it? write it.

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