all hail the naked vail skier.

Picture your most humiliating nightmare.  Perhaps you are naked in front of a crowd.  Mine might involve looking like I was 13 again.  You’re thinking about it now.  Mortifying, is it not?  Well some poor dude in Vail lived a very imaginative nightmare.  Like the only funny scene from an unbearably unfunny Jim Carrey movie, he found himself dangling upside down from a ski lift san pants with his dangly parts totally exposed in the frigid cold.  Errr… here are the pictures.  You can’t make this shit up.




And finally, he is showed some mercy.


Stifle your laughter, fools!  The man suffered from exposure!  Okay, you can giggle, because it is comedy of the absurd.

According to the press release, he was suspended for about seven minutes.  NOT seven minutes in heaven, I’m sure.  Pantsless man, I know nothing we, your fellow Americans, can ever do will erase the pain of this ordeal, but I propose that any time you go to a bar, your drinks are free.  But you know who I feel worst for?  His kid.  Sitting right next to him.  Hahaha. oh dear.  Therapy much?

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2 responses to “all hail the naked vail skier.

  1. That’s why they give out the Darwin awards annually, his junk exposure could significantly reduce his opportunity to reproduce in a “survival of the fittest” scenario. Dangly parts was cute, but junk is the more masculine term!

  2. As a postscript to this – turns out that the lifty had failed to put the seat part of the chairlift down (it was just after the lift opened for the day) and that’s how the man managed to get into such an awkward position. But he did manage to prevent the child that was with him from falling through in a similar manner. So the Darwin Awards comment is a little unfair.

    Oh, and the professional photographer that took the photos (on his personal camera and on his day off) has been suspended for some sort of indecency reason (whatever!)

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