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bikini jeans make my soul weep.

These actually render me wordless (which rarely happens), so I’ll just post the pictures.





PS-  If you want to buy these beauties and just love the idea of a built in sparkly whale’s tail, they’re made by Sanna’s of Brazil and they’re only a hundred bucks!  So sexxxxxxxy.  You’ll for sure be the flyest girl at the club!  Bye bye Banana Republic, hello Sanna’s!

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cigarette tax = healthier kids. any questions?

To all of those whining about the 62 cent raise on the cigarette tax and a whopping 40 cents for the cigar tax, which becomes effective on Wednesday, I have three words for you:  Get over it.

Why so harsh?  Because the money generated from the tax increase will go towards expanding children’s health care, known as the SCHIP bill and signed into law by President Obama in February.  Instead of just seven million uninsured children receiving health care from the government, SCHIP has now been expanded to cover 11 million children.

But, naturally, some people are pissed.  By some people I mean the tobacco companies who don’t give a you-know-what about you or your health and some really addicted smokers.

This gem of a quote came from NPR:

Customer Pat Collier of Zephyrhills, Fla., calls it a punitive tax aimed at smokers. “This is really just like the tea tax in the Revolution.”

Well…no.  Because when our early American heroes, the colonists, were taxed, the money went back to the evil King George.  This time around, Pat, the money will be used to help children.  CHILDREN.  POOR AND INNOCENT CHILDREN.  Think about it.  Good.  Now let’s move on.

Smokers, you know the deal.  The cancer sticks are bad for you, your lungs turn black and all that jazz.  Maybe you are too addicted to quit, but for Pete’s sake (and Pete, by the way, is a 4-year-old with no health insurance and a life threatening illness), don’t let your addiction get in the way of helping a kid out.  You chose to smoke, these kids did not choose to be uninsured.

It is a sad fact of life that prices go up all the time.  The price of milk, the price of a pack of gum, even the price of the wonderful treasures at the 99 cent store.  At least this time, when you pay those extra pennies, you’re doing something good.


More inspiration for you to quit smoking...

Or maybe, just maybe, this might encourage you to quit smoking, which, you know, would be AWFUL.  (But, of course, you quitting has nothing to do with why the tobacco companies are so upset.)  So Joe the Smoker and others quit.   Over time, the number of smoking-related illnesses and deaths decrease, which also decreases the amount of state and federal dollars used to care for these people when they are in the hospital.  The taxpayer wins!  Oh, and if you quit, you run less of a risk of gum disease (eww) and you won’t get that hideous smoker’s mouth with all the lines and wrinkles.

Here’s another scenario to convince you that this might just be a good thing:  Raising the tax on cigarettes will give health insurance to 10 million children.  Having insurance will enhance their quality of life.  Healthy kids go to school. (And like School House Rock tells us, “knowledge is power!”)  Healthy kids grow up to be healthy adults.  Healthy adults work.  The American workforce is the engine of our economy. Voila!  The economy thrives!

…And I’d like to thank the Nobel committee for awarding me this most prestigious award in Economics… just kidding because really, it’s not that big of a stretch.

I’m so fortunate that my parents never had to choose between taking me to the doctor or feeding me.  But there are so many children that are not as lucky as I was/am and until we have universal health care, we need to take care of the ones that need our help the most–  the very old and the very young.

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youtube clip of today: extreme sheepherding.

Extreme sheepherding…is it a sport?  Is this even real!?  I love this sort of tomfoolery!  Happy Monday, work force!

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“you learned english?” “just in cases…”

So the roommate and I are having a lounge day of healing the ankle for real and watching as many chick flicks as we can stomach. We both agreed that Nights in Rodanthe is perhaps one of the worst films ever made (you’re saying…well, what were we expecting? It was a Nicholas Sparks novel. And we say, um, touche?) but JESUS I could watch Love Actually a hundred times over and never get sick of it. Each time, I sob with joy at the end. If you don’t agree with me, I say you don’t have a soul. I will argue with you about this. I mean, look at Karl (aka Rodrigo Santoro):


If nothing else, you should love Love Actually for Karl.

And wise observation of the day, courtesy of the roomie: Every Nicholas Sparks movie can end with a person walking on the beach wearing a cable-knit sweater.

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we are breakable girls and boys.

Does it annoy you when I post music videos? Do you watch them? I always wonder that. I post them so often because (a) it’s easy, (b) I love lots and lots of songs and want everyone else to love them too, and (c) I genuinely enjoy learning about new music on other blogs. And I know, it’s not like I’m breaking artists that you’ve never heard of (faaar from it), but I like posting music because I can’t make my own music and sharing what’s already out there makes me happy. Fair?

If I start to get hate mail telling me to stop, I probably won’t, but the hate mail will make me sad. (I guess that’s the good thing about all of your readers being your friends, though…the hate mail is less frequent. And if there is hate mail, at least I know where the haters live.)

So um anyway, here’s another song I’m loving right now:

I’ve surprised myself by actually…almost…maybe kinda liking the fan video. It’s sweet, right? If you ignore the classic fan video literal images technique?

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but please don’t lose that butt.


Wow, so I just realized why I never became a famous basketball player like my father might have dreamed of: I have no ass. No, seriously. Apparently this matters. Pete Thamel of the New York Times wrote an entire article about how Pitt’s DeJuan Blair’s large “backside” has afforded him a great advantage. I’ve never been a fan of boys with big butts, but in this case, I’ll support Blair and his booty. If only because it compelled a writer to reference Sir Mix-A-Lot in a NYT piece.


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things that i love: ellen degeneres.

“I’m a godmother, that’s a great thing to be, a godmother. She calls me god for short, that’s cute, I taught her that.”

–From My Point…And I Do Have One

I think I need to buy that book.

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