how many of you are there?

So yesterday I mused about names and their meanings.  Today, a Web site was brought to me by the one and only (and after you look at the site or just read a little more you’ll know how I can say this with great certainty) Mr. Kieran Higgins. Via his lovely daughter, of course.

This site tells you how many people in the United States share your name.  There are 646,147 other Kathleens–and like I’ve mentioned before, most of them are probably senior citizens. How can I find out the data on that?  I must be proven right!  It has also been brought to my attention by a CT correspondent that there are 1,524 people named Poop.  See how entertaining this Web site can be?!  Thanks, Mr. Higgins!

[Posted by the only real Kathleen]

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One response to “how many of you are there?

  1. robinsonwarner

    there is 1 or fewer robinson warners in the United States. There is less than 1,500 people with the first name Robinson. Have my parents succeeded in guaranteeing my individuality and special aura?

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