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youtube clip of today: the giggles.

Just try to watch this without giggling along with them:

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youtube clip of today: fired up.

If you haven’t seen Phil Davison’s of Ohio’s speech at the Stark County Republican Party executive committee meeting yet, you’re missing out. He was hoping for a nomination to run for Stark County treasurer, and shockingly, he didn’t get the nom:

Painful to watch, right? And to think someone gave him a master’s in communication. Kelsey hit the nail on the head in her commentary that she sent along with the tip: “I sincerely hope that this man is actually a Democrat who is posing as a Republican to make them look crazy, but I fear that this man actually acts this way and actually believed that this was a great way for him to get the nomination for this tiny position.”

My favorite part about this is that the speech isn’t actually that bad. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that it’s a good speech, but if he had been able to CONTROL the VOLUME OF HIS voice, he may have had a chance. (I can’t imagine the competition is that fierce in the Stark County treasurer “primary.”) Poor, poor Phil. Fingers crossed that when I head to Summit County (Stark County’s neighbor) next week for work (I know, be jealous), I’ll run into Phil and can give him a few pointers. Like stay near the podium if you so clearly need to read your notes in order to remember what to say. And don’t yell so much.

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run away fast as you can.

"I win, because I WIN." (Big Daddy? Anyone?)

Okay, so I’m 24 hours late on this — criminal in the world of social media — but can we talk about the VMAs for a second? And can we talk about how fah-reaking awkward Taylor Swift’s performance was? I want so, so badly to be Team Taylor. (After all, last year at this time I proclaimed myself FIRMLY on her side.) Kanye was a douche last year, no question, and I certainly still can (and often do) belt the lyrics of a Taylor Swift song as loudly and proudly as the average nine year old. But the girl needs to learn how to perform live, and she needs to get over the Kanye thing. If she hadn’t performed that horrible emo ballad that I’ll probably grow to love, she would have come out on top. She’d have been the bigger person. Instead, she gave us all the impression that she spent a year channeling her rage into a single song that she hoped would blow the world away last night. And sadly, it was a huge misfire. No one cared, and then Kanye came onstage and sang an awesomely tongue-in-cheek (I think?) song that I already have stuck in my head. Round two goes to the douchebag.

T.Swift, please pull yourself together. It’s starting to get embarrassing to publicly support you.

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jon stewart’s september 11, 2001 monologue.

Just watch it. (And thanks, EA.)

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youtube clip of today: merengue dog.

This dog is decidedly a better dancer than I am:

But does anyone else find it a leetle creepy that this dude is getting all saucy with a golden retriever? (Or that this is being filmed in a strip mall parking lot with a bunch of the dancing man’s friends dressed up in ponchos from Party City?) Either way, thanks for the tip, Potski!

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