thank you and that’s all, folks.

We, your most esteemed and favorite bloggers, had a really long discussion last night and we’ve come to a decision that was hard to make– but we hope you understand.  We’re going to be shutting down SWTCTW as of today.  This is our last post.  In our history, we’ve posted over 500 times and had over 300,000 blog hits.  Why oh why would we do something like shut the blog down? (I’m sure you’re asking.)  Well, the truth hurts.  At some point in your life you just need to grow up and get a little serious.

Thank you so much for reading, it’s been an honor to write for you.

Love,  Kathleen and Mallory

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3 responses to “thank you and that’s all, folks.

  1. klydon

    April Fools?

  2. World

    i think you need more than six words to change me…

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