who would cheat on christie brinkley?

Uh oh. I think Christie Brinkley’s soon to be ex-husband is in for way more embarrassment than he bargained for. She wants the divorce hearings with Peter Cook to be open–and he allegedly had an affair with a nineteen year old! The girl’s name is Diana Bianchi. The best part of all? He reportedly met her at a toy store shopping for his kids! I’m going to use restraint and refrain from making a tasteless joke.

I’ve posted this picture of Christie Brinkley because she is just very hot and I think Peter Cook is an idiot. Also, it is the first day of summer and I wanted to commemorate bathing suit season with some inspiration.  And a side order of inadequacy, please! I want ice cream right now.

Happy summer!

XOXO, gossip girl.

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8 responses to “who would cheat on christie brinkley?

  1. tbkent

    When I was little, I wanted to BE Christie Brinkley! I can’t believe someone would cheat on such a classy lady. She may not be the sharpest crayon in the box (I’ve seen her in interviews through the years), but really, what could a nineteen year old girl have to offer?

    Thanks for the side of inadequacy, always looking for more reasons for self-loathing! (laughing :))

  2. ember999

    Men never cease to amaze me – they marry what are considered to be some of the most beautiful women in the world, then they have affairs with two-bit nobody kids and wreck many lives, including usually their own. Could it be like I have suspected for many years, that these so called ‘perfect’ or ‘beautiful’ women aren’t all they are cracked up to be? There is more to a relationship than looks…maybe they are just vain and uninteresting? There has to be a reason doesn’t there, as so many ‘famous beautiful’ women can’t seem to keep a man.

    • c. pellicore

      I just found this…late granted. Everyone needs to quit acting like she’s Mother Theresa! She cheated on Billy Joel and broke his heart. The man worshipped Christie. I figure this is just poetic justice. Sucks, doesn’t it Christie? Now maybe you know how it feels. Funny…your hub didn’t pick another supermodel…just somebody you wouldn’t even notice. You’ve been served!

  3. MR

    But Christie Brinkley is not so hot nowadays…

  4. WebShaman

    Any relationship is dependent upon two (or more) individuals.

    That said, there is never a valid excuse for someone to “cheat” on another. The reason is because one can terminate the relationship before “dabbling” in the grass on the other side of the fence.

    Cheating has very little to do with how a girl looks, or if she is hot, to be honest. Looks are never a guarantee against getting cheated on, nor is money, fame, power, etc. Not even threat (real or imagined) of death.

    Now, I have no idea what goes through the head of one who cheats – because I have never cheated. As all people, I am sometimes tempted – sexual attraction can hit anyone. It is how one deals with the temptation that is deciding. I am surprised how many are willing to act upon the impulse of sexual attraction, to be honest. I suppose it must be one of the strongest of all impulses.

    Note that one actually has to be willing to act (otherwise, it is violence we are talking about here, and not cheating). I think that is the key to it – willing to act upon.

    I am not willing to act upon such sexual impulses. That is really all it takes. I do not do it for society, or for my spouse, lover, etc. Nor do I do it because I fear the consequences, or getting caught, whatever.

    I am not willing to act upon such a sexual impluse, because I like being at peace with myself. I like knowing that I do not have to accept something like that in myself.

    I suppose those that do, either do not care how they view themselves, or in fact hold nothing about being deceitful.

    Perhaps the energy spent in cheating could be better put to use trying to make the current relationship function, instead of escaping from it.

  5. There is no correlation between how attractive a spouse is and fidelity, it doesn’t work like that for heterosexual men. Not to justify her ex’s actions, he’s a lowlife, his mistress was only 18 or so, some form of money changed hands, and he pitched the same, tired excuse most guys going through a mid life crisis looking for an ego boost from a younger woman “My wife doesn’t understand me”. I really like your blog btw, it’s hilarious.

  6. I could say so much on this one. I’ll try to be brief:

    This photo was the best “swimsuit” photo Sports Illustrated ever published. I use quotes because it doesn’t really look like it was designed for swimming.

    On the cheating issue – why is monogamy such a sacred cow? The human male is designed for multiple mates.

    If this man had not married Christie, there would be no big discussion. Unmarried men can have sex with multiple women every month (every week even) and they receive praise for being “ladies men”/”studs”/”players”.

    Christie’s ex should have just married the teenager – adding another wife to the family. Oh, that’s right, to actually commit to another woman is illegal in this country! But to screw around with a dozen women at once with “no strings” isn’t. That makes a lot of sense.

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