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who would cheat on christie brinkley?

Uh oh. I think Christie Brinkley’s soon to be ex-husband is in for way more embarrassment than he bargained for. She wants the divorce hearings with Peter Cook to be open–and he allegedly had an affair with a nineteen year old! The girl’s name is Diana Bianchi. The best part of all? He reportedly met her at a toy store shopping for his kids! I’m going to use restraint and refrain from making a tasteless joke.

I’ve posted this picture of Christie Brinkley because she is just very hot and I think Peter Cook is an idiot. Also, it is the first day of summer and I wanted to commemorate bathing suit season with some inspiration.  And a side order of inadequacy, please! I want ice cream right now.

Happy summer!

XOXO, gossip girl.

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