youtube clip of today: fired up.

If you haven’t seen Phil Davison’s of Ohio’s speech at the Stark County Republican Party executive committee meeting yet, you’re missing out. He was hoping for a nomination to run for Stark County treasurer, and shockingly, he didn’t get the nom:

Painful to watch, right? And to think someone gave him a master’s in communication. Kelsey hit the nail on the head in her commentary that she sent along with the tip: “I sincerely hope that this man is actually a Democrat who is posing as a Republican to make them look crazy, but I fear that this man actually acts this way and actually believed that this was a great way for him to get the nomination for this tiny position.”

My favorite part about this is that the speech isn’t actually that bad. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that it’s a good speech, but if he had been able to CONTROL the VOLUME OF HIS voice, he may have had a chance. (I can’t imagine the competition is that fierce in the Stark County treasurer “primary.”) Poor, poor Phil. Fingers crossed that when I head to Summit County (Stark County’s neighbor) next week for work (I know, be jealous), I’ll run into Phil and can give him a few pointers. Like stay near the podium if you so clearly need to read your notes in order to remember what to say. And don’t yell so much.

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3 responses to “youtube clip of today: fired up.

  1. Angie

    Angie Padovano “likes” this post (facebook style)

  2. Big Sid

    WOW! It’s coming up on election time and I just checked in to see what my favorite politically astute activist girl bloggers are up to and this is it? Ugh. I was hoping for a little red meat blather supporting this hope n change thing ya’ll were so adamant about two years ago. That was fun.
    Anyway, I hear snookie is coming out with a new book, “the young alcoholic’s guide to whoredom”, or something like that…perhaps I’ll catch a review here?

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