her virginity’s going, going, almost gone

In case you haven’t heard the absurd news, “Natalie Dylan”, a 22-year-old from California, is  is auctioning off her virginity to pay for her education.  Gut reaction: EWWW.  She uses the name Natalie Dylan as a pseudonym for, as she put it, “safety reasons”.  (But gets interviewed by The Insider–so everyone can see what she looks like.  I think, Natalie, someone is going to know who you are and how to find you…click here to watch the video.)

Safety? SAFETY?!  I think safety was thrown out the window when she decided she’d have consensual sex with the highest bidder.  Umm…have you seen Law and Order: SVU?  There are some serious creep monsters out there.  I don’t want to think about the legal mess that could occur should, God forbid, something bad happen to her.

“Through this process I’m not just looking for the highest bidder,” she said, Us magazine reported. “I’m looking for someone who is a genuine, overall nice person.”

But she also says she’s looking to get at least a million.  Does she think Prince Charming is going to come along and drop a cool mil just to be nice and help her out?  The auction, by the way, is going to be at Nevada’s famous brothel, The Moonlight Bunny Ranch.  Yeah, she’s sure to meet a winner there.  eBay, for the record, said no to the auction.

So there’s the whole safety thing that should make any woman scream no and consider life in a convent instead.  But Natalie calls her decision “empowering”.  I’m not going to go on a feminist rant, because I think the argument can be made against this without even bringing up feminism.

Okay, Natalie, I get that you want to pay for your education.  I have loans too.  And will have more when if I get into grad school (keep your fingers crossed for me).  But here’s the thing.  I would argue that in selling your virginity to pay for your academic education, you are selling yourself short in the life education department.  Here’s what Dennis Hof, owner of The Moonlight Bunny Ranch, thinks:

“I think it’s a tremendous idea. Why lose it to some guy in the backseat of a Toyota when you can pay for your education?”

Tremendous idea, eh, Dennis?  Well you know what?  Sometimes some guy in the back of a car can be really meaningful.  Far more meaningful than sex for money ever will be.

And somehow, I’ll still manage to pay for my education.  Ironically, Natalie wants to pursue her master’s degree in marriage and family therapy–that’s a decent career.  She should make enough money in her lifetime to pay back her loans the old fashioned way.

And here’s the final reason Natalie shouldn’t go through with her plan.  Her mom thinks it’s a bad idea.

What are your thoughts?

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18 responses to “her virginity’s going, going, almost gone

  1. hahahaha Wow. I caught this earlier to. Why is she going to study marriage and family therapy when she already has the whole business/entrepreneurship thing down? My question is have you ever hear of loans or a scholarship? Or dare I say… get a job?
    And Is this any different from NY Gov Spitzers “Kristen”??

  2. What Dennis says is sad but true. Many women’s (not all, of course) first times are meaningless and unpleasant, even painful. I can see what he’s saying about if you’re going to be miserable at least making some money out of it. I wouldn’t be quite as upbeat about it as he is, though…

  3. uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    do you honestly believe this girl is still a virgin?

    how can the highest bidder be sure?

  4. She says she’ll take a polygraph to prove it. Does it really make that much of a difference?

  5. TomB Amazed

    Kathleen, please do go on a feminist rant. Because I feel unqualified, as a male, to do so. “Personist,” or humanist, is all I would rightly qualify for, although I certainly do consider myself a feminist, even with my disqualifying Y chromosome.
    This whole “arrangement” smacks of dowries and a fetish-like esteem of virginity, but, worse, buys into the principle of prostitution whereby one trades one’s body for security. Hardly empowering. It’s a bargain made in lieu of one’s belief in their own capabilities. An ancient practice, yes, but an an idea that, by still being practiced in all sorts of various forms (think “trophy wife”) dishonors the true equality of all humans.
    Business acumen? Perhaps. But at the price of equality.

  6. Carlos

    Beyond being all creeped out that she is willing to sleep with any sleezy millionaire that can beat her up and kill her. That’s why we should all be advocates of legalized prostitution that is regulated and can be organized in syndicates. Is any one else annoyed by the fact that virginity is still regarded as a valuable asset when it comes to women (though deplored when it comes to men)?
    Good luck for the fool that pays a bunch of money for a very lame one night stand.

  7. Diesel Dave

    So, the best thing that could happen to this chick is that someone should rape her, and soon. That way this story will end quick and no fool will waste their money on her. If she’s successful, all bitches are going to think their pussies are worth 1 million bucks and no more sex! Of course, there will be, because human nature and sex drive will prevent that from being commonplace, but could you imagine it?! Everybody that wasn’t rich would be masturbating all over the place all because these broads found a new way to skeeze money from men. LOL! I also would bet that rape would become a much more common thing. Now that’s scary! Consentual sex is best. Or, a better idea… get her a mental health evaluation and some therapy. She sounds pretty screwed up to me! Another thing, she isn’t even that good looking. What guy in their right mind is going to spend 1 million, let alone 20 bucks for a girl like her? Dude, if I were spending 1 million for a chick, well, F that, I wouldn’t! But if I were that dumb & desperate to hook up, I’d be nailing HOT girls, such as Pam Anderson, Jennifer Anniston, and so on… and not some ugly little inexperienced bimbo from a whore house. LMAO! Peace!

  8. Wow

    You think Pamela Anderson is worth 1 mil? You need a mental health evaluation.

    Angelina Jolie
    Halle Berry
    Beyonce Knowles
    Stacy Dash
    Vida Guerra

    Are the only women I’d ever pay 1 mil for. I’d have to be so rich that I could wipe my ass with 1 million. Other then that it’s not worth it. Plenty of men have already taken a woman’s virginity. For free. So what’s so special about this broad?

  9. Alex

    Whats special about her is that she’s mentally challenged, ugly as sin, and quite a fatty. So if you’re at all attracted to any of those three things then shes a sure keeper. I can’t imagine anyone wanting to sleep with her, but I can imagine knocking her fat ass to the floor with a sleeper hold.

  10. Bob Thornton

    She was just ashame to be still a virgin at 22… By this auction her mates will stop laughing at her…

  11. Someone

    What makes her different from those who are working in Bunny Ranch?

  12. cg

    Wow ! I hope she plans on practicing safe sex. Sex with condoms is a must these days. And honestly, condoms are not so bad anymore…there are so many different types and styles these days. Just walk down any drug store aisle and you will see so many different types. I personally buy from http://www.condomcorner.com – this way I buy in private and don’t have to face the clerk at the counter.

  13. Mimmie

    Tremendous idea?!
    Sure! Selling your ‘virginity’ is a tremendous idea, not ‘sex’ but your ‘virginity.’
    I don’t want to be rude, but who on earth would pay HER 1mil for a one-night stand, she may hope that there are people that are not superficial (21st century and all) but for fuck’s sake it’s human nature to be attracted to HOTTIES. Either that or she honestly thinks she’s fairly alright-looking, lol!

    Oh and not only does she want at least 1mil, but she wants an overall nice-person!? What kind of ‘nice person’ would buy someone’s virginity.

  14. John

    Seriously, ok maybe julianna hough is worth a million bucks, but who has ever heard of this natalie woman?

    And with the whole feminism bull crap, I love how feminism is now equal to enabling disrespect of, and exploiting your gender. Sexual equality now means that we can all act like whores and bone a bunch of people and have broken marriages and unwanted children.

    I think also the challenge of finding a nice guy who has a million dollars to spend your virginity is like trying to find a used car dealer who isn’t interested in your money. Good luck with that.

    Just for the record, my wife and I were both virgins when we got married and it was AWESOME for both of us and because we shared that together I feel like we’re a lot closer than other couples who miss out on that. People are sick these days and most of them are whores. Men and women both and I think what we really need is a little more 1950s and 60s in our lives. That’s when men were men, women were women, and furniture was amazing.

  15. CMP

    I’m pissed I didn’t think of this!!! Its f*cking genius! The top bid so far is like 3.8 million…ummmm yea I’d do sum1 for that kind of money. It’s not like she’s encouraging young girls to do it, and it’s her choice. She’s clearly thought about this for a while, and she’s a smart woman. So I think people should just leave her alone! And Tyra is a fat ex-model who thinks she’s going to be the new Oprah…she was very annoying rude and condescending the entire show. There are women out there who have slept with 100s of men before the age of 30…So if Natalie wants to give it up to a man for 3.8 million dollars then I say more power to her!

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  17. The most famous american virgin in 18 we had was Britney Spears … as we know, it was a big bla-bla like now … no virgins, just bitches …. the real virgins are not people with behaviour like this bitch

  18. Candor7

    Well, dear Nathalie,

    I hardly think that the comodity you are selling is worth the price of a million USD.

    1)Any man who spends big money on virginity is a sexual fool.

    2)Anyone spending big money for sex is looking for beauty ( you are cute, not a “beauty”).

    3)Anyone spending big money for sex is looking for experience and skill, which you do not have, if you are a virgin.

    So can the effort, find a nice man , learn family therapy and get married and raise a family and then you will finnd out that the sex you decided NOT to sell is far more rewarding.

    Call me in a few years after you have learned the ropes. I’ll spot you a few thousand.



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