just keep digging, palin. keeeep digging.

SIgh. I know I said I’m sick of thinking/talking/hearing about Sarah Palin, but I simply MUST share this video with the world. As you watch, keep in mind that if McCain is elected, this woman will be one cancerous mole away from being OUR PRESIDENT:

HOW CAN YOU WATCH THAT AND STILL SUPPORT MCCAIN/PALIN?! I mean McCain himself has to be embarrassed. This woman isn’t even intelligent or articulate, let alone fit to be the Vice President of the United States. On a lighter note, Charlie Gibson is my new boyfriend.

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9 responses to “just keep digging, palin. keeeep digging.

  1. She can’t even answer a yes or no question.

    This isn’t a beauty pageant, Sarah. You can’t BS your way into getting a crown/the White House. She should at least know what the Bush Doctrine is.

  2. ShortPlumpItalianGrandma

    She stared at him throughout that entire interview with a look on her face that read, “I have no idea what the Bush Doctrine is.” Then when he finally explained, phew, was there a look of relief… for a minute there… until Charlie Gibson (whose name we heard approx. 20 times in 3 and a half minutes in order to give her time to construct her thoughts) did what any self-respecting journalist would do and, oh yeah, asked her opinion about it…

    Allah forbid they win this election, I’m moving to Costa Rica, who’s with me??

  3. Lets be honest now, how many of you knew what the Bush Doctrine was/is????
    I appreciate Charlies “drilling” of Palin. (no pun intended). But the fact remains that No one wants war. Not Palin, Not McCain, Not Obama or Biden…. it has always and should always be a worst case scenario. It becomes a lose, lose situation for all parties involved. They know this.
    And whats with all this hubbub about taking her time, repeating Charlies name before answering. I like when people think about their responses before opening their mouths and talk garbage, Is that so wrong?
    And as for Costa Rica ShortPlumpItalianGrandma, whats there to say. A great place to vacation. I wish I bought a house there years ago tho, except I would have paid taxes on it unlike Congressman Rangel. Have you been there?? If not I recommend a visit to the Southern Pacific Coast.

  4. Mallory

    I actually did know what the Bush Doctrine was, but that’s not the point. I’m not the running mate of our potential next president. It’s inexcusable for Palin to be so clueless on matters of foreign policy, and the fact that she pretended to know what was going on and danced around the question was even more frustrating. It’s possible that I would have retained a little respect for her if she had been honest.

    And no one wants war? Hmm. It really isn’t a lose-lose situation for everyone. For instance, McCain knows that talk of war is good for his campaign because it plays to people’s fears and makes people more inclined to like him. Ideally, war would be a worst-case scenario, and there would only be just wars, but that’s clearly not the case these days.

    The fact that Palin repeated Charlie’s name about a million times indicated that she had no idea what she was talking about. She was trying to buy time and was using tactics that the McCain team probably briefed her on right before the interview. Biden’s certainly not perfect, but at least he knows what he’s talking about.

  5. ShortPlumpItalianGrandma

    To reiterate Mallomar’s thoughts:

    How many of us knew what the Bush Doctrine was?? Hold on a minute… How many of us could potentially be the second most powerful person in the WORLD?? — REALLY people? Come on now.

    There was a poll after the last election as to why people voted for Bush and one of the major reasons was because he was just like the average guy… Now, I don’t know about you, but I don’t want my PRESIDENT to be “just like the average guy.” I would like them to be most intelligent, well-spoken, thought provoking person I have ever heard speak. The only thoughts that are provoked when I hear McCain and Palin speak are creative marketing ads running through my head for Depends and the NRA.

    I’d like someone to give her an unlabeled map and tell her to point to Tajikistan or Senegal or somewhere.

    I think it would be like someone trying to play Pin the Tail on the Donkey in the dark. My left pinky toe had more international experience than she has!

    As for Costa Rica, I would plan to move their because even though they are situated between two of the most violent Central American countries, both with incredible civil unrest, they still manage to maintain their neutrality all the while without even having a national military. (They only have a Civil Guard.) Oh, and they’re one of the only countries left that still believes in preserving their natural resources for the sake of our next generation knowing what a real forest looks like.

    By the way, pick up a copy of this week’s Economist. We are the laughing stock of the world…

  6. Yes, I believe she should have know what the Bush Doctrine was. But thats not the point…. Ill get to that in a moment.

    As for war mongering, thats a ridiculous notion. One can say both sides are then Playing the fear card.(In the dems would like to have us believe that if a republican is elected, we will have war until the whole world is barren)

    But people need to wake up. You take such things that are nestled in an hour interview, listen to maybe 10 words and get stuck on nothing more. You went into watching this interview knowing you already hated the candidate. Waiting for that one thing to happen so you can capitalize on it. Where is the point in that? You just wasted over an hour of your life on someone you cant stand, then sat here to spout out your feelings. Which I can appreciate as a fundamental American freedom. You know you already are voting for Obama/Biden and dont care about anything else in the race but that. For those millions of Americans still on the fence, or those in the middle of our country, being a down to earth person, a “guy next door” is important. Because thats what they know. Those of us in the North East and those in major metropolitan areas dont really get that. Trust me, I dont either. But it is important to them, are they any less American then us??? Are they any less right to have their opinions?

    And then when you talk about her stalling….
    when Obama starts rambling after hes been asked a question, skirting the issue, hes not buying time to think about what he’s going to say?

    And for your information, Costa Rica isnt the only country in the world that protects its natural resources. There has to be a way to coexist, a way to preserve what land we have left and still thrive in a global market.. Thats what we should be working for.

  7. ShortPlumpItalianGrandma

    I definitely gave Palin the benefit of the doubt — and then she opened her mouth and started speaking…

    Please read, September 4th, The Mirrored Ceiling:


    Almost every public speaker will stall a little, but at least when Obama does it coherent, erudite thoughts emerge.

    …and I was just giving Costa Rica as an example. I know there are some other countries that preserve their wildlife (Chile, New Zealand, Argentina, etc.)

  8. TomB Amazed

    nobody wants war?

    A. Are you familiar with the doctrine of self described NeoConservatives? War is “the option on the table” for spreading democracy abroad, to ostensibly protect Israel and the US from attack. Regime change via invasion, as in war, is a fulcrum and viable tool, in their opinion, as a means to that end. This includes the right to preemptive strike. And, come on, any strike will engender a return strike, as in “let’s start a war!”

    B. Fundamentalist Christians want the return of Jesus, as in The Rapture and the End Days via Armageddon. War with the sources of Evil (as they see it.) “Bring it on,” as someone– oh, yeah, Bush– once said. There are undeniably parties on both sides that really, really want war. And their 10,000 virgins through martyrdom. With a side of fries.

    This conflict is in many ways a battle between the 2 fundamentalist camps. Funded by all those who can exploit anything available for profit. The best way to defeat the Islamic terrorists is to pull their funding. Meaning a complete shift from oil as a fuel. No oil, no money. Oh, yeah, and no more poppies. Although the seeds are great on a bagel. That I will miss.

    (I blame Charlie Rose and Bill Moyers for informing me on stupid stuff like the Bush Doctrine. Why do they have to keep on informing us? I just want to be a good consumer with no conscience. And I want a flat-screen tv. 47 inches. yeah.)

  9. Tony

    So, she doesn’t know what the VP does, what the Bush doctrine is, how Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac work, what causes global warming, or what the definition of “political pork” is. And, she thinks she’s ready to be President. Hey, she’s right, the US is one big joke that any fool off the street can run, right? That must be what she and John McCain think, if they’re proposing her to be one heartbeat away.

    On that theme, how exactly is John McCain qualified? He spent 5 years in a prison 30 years ago, which I guess makes him bad-ass. He doesn’t know much about the economy, the difference between Sunni and Shiite, how he’s voted for the past 8 years, or even how many houses he has. That’s awesome!

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