youtube clip of today: sonseed rocks!

Why oh why is this song not played on the radio?

“He taught me how to praise my God and still play rock and roll”.  PRICELESS.  Umm…rock and roll?  Rock on, Sonseed.

[Posted by Kathleen]


Filed under humor, music, random, religion, YouTube

2 responses to “youtube clip of today: sonseed rocks!

  1. Madeline

    I love it. Almost as much as this one: (a family favorite in our house).

    The kids in this video should learn the Sonseed song so they can say things like “He taught me how to turn my cheek when people laugh at me.” Because Lord knows . . . they’re going to need lessons like that. If Jesus is a real friend, he’ll help them out here.

  2. Mallory

    MEH, that sounds a leeeetle too much like a Pi Beta song I know…

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