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where the wild things are trailer!

Did they seriously make “Where the Wild Things Are” into a movie? (Let me answer my own question: yes, they did.)   Are you okay with this?!  (I’m clearly struggling with it.)  What are your thoughts?  It seems kind of dark and twisty…

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youtube clip of the day: airplane rap.

This is why I love Southwest!  Okay, is it just me, or would this be even better with the Fresh Prince music playing in the back?

My grandmother is actually the cutest person in the world and LOVES to watch the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air on Nick at Night before she goes to bed.  She’ll inform us that she is watching “The Prince” and then retires to her room.  Haha.  Though recently she’s developed an addiction to Keith and Rachel, which conflicts with “The Prince”.  Such is life.

And now that the Fresh Prince theme song is stuck in your head for the next week, I should just help you out/make it worse:

Happy Tuesday!

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joe the plumber says he’s “horny”.

As much as I hate to contribute to it by writing about it, I’m always interested when Joe the Plumber manages to extend his 15 minutes of fame– even if only for a millisecond.  How on earth does he do it?!  Well this new JTP blip on the media screen is fairly hilarious.  Thank you WashPo’s The Sleuth for the important news!  Joe recently spoke at the Media Research Center’s “DisHonors Awards”.  I know you’re DYING to know what that is; it sounds gripping!  Apparently all the people who hate democracy get in one room to slam the liberal media.  Doesn’t that sound fun?  Umm…boooooooring.  So good old Joe the Plumber/Journalist gets up there to accept some bogus award about really sticking it to the socialists.  Naturally, the neocons are clapping for this pure paradigm.  He eloquently expresses his humble appreciation:

“God, all this love and everything in the room – I’m horny,” declared Joe, whose real name is Samuel Wurzelbacher.

And cue the chirping crickets.  Rawr?

When you get that special feeling, Joe, you should just go on home, slip into something more comfortable (but really, is there anything more comfortable than the JTP flannel shirt?  I don’t think so!), light some cheap smelling candles, pour yourself a fine glass of boxed wine and run a nice bubbly wubbly bubble bath for yourself.  But for the love of all things holy and sacred, DO NOT tell your sexually oppressed conservative friends how you feel!

I was going to go off on a HUGE multiple-paragraph tangent about the so-called liberal media but I’m going to keep this as short as possible…aka one paragraph.  Guess what, folks?  The liberal media smear is spin concocted to protect the Bush Administration and its followers from the press.  By turning the American people against the press, the news stories– which contained the truth — were seen as biased and became irrelevant.  But reporting on the horrors of war and unveiling the lies of the government is not liberal bias, it’s the job of the press.  Take Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann out of the equation now, please, because they have equal and opposite forces named O’Reilly and Hannity.  We’re talking about the journalists whose names you do not know.  There is an unspoken vow among journalists to bring the truth to the people– a sort of Hippocratic Oath, if you will.  Challenging and questioning a president, Congress, the government, or taking on the rest of the media?  That is their function in society.  If the media were so liberal, we would have had a Democratic president years ago.  Trust me.  I’m appalled that the liberal media excuse and tactic is still being used and people are still buying it.  (McCain lost.  Sarah Palin sucked.  Get over it.  It was their fault.)  Now that Obama is president, the press will do its job to report everything that goes on.  In fact, Obama seems to be losing the media fight when it comes to selling his economic plan, is he not?  Not so liberal afterall…And I’m spent!

Now back to the important stuff.  A most appropriate music video in honor of JTP:

And one last uber-serious thought:  Has Akon ever sang about something other than sexytime?

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enough about me, more about you.

I’m feeling ever-so-slightly like I might be getting sick, and I have eaten enough this weekend to feed a small country for a month, but instead of resting up for work tomorrow, I’m dicking around on my computer and listening to music. The other day I downloaded a bunch of self-pitying emo songs about being lonely, but in the iTunes frenzy I accidentally bought a really ridiculously adorable song:

Bonus points for the beginning of a beard.

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you were perfection in parent trap.

 As you’ve no doubt heard, Natasha Richardson — famous to lame children of the ’90s like me for her role in the Lindsay Lohan remake of The Parent Trap — died yesterday. I’m not sure why this is affecting me so much, but I am deeply sad about this. I originally heard that she was in serious condition, and then I freaked out yesterday afternoon when I read that she was brain dead, and then I almost cried on the bus when I got a News Alert that she had died.

The papers say that she died in a skiing accident, which makes me imagine her recklessly flying through trees or skiing out-of-bounds on some intense moguls. But what really happened is so much sadder. According to the NYT:

Ms. Richardson, who was not wearing a helmet, had fallen during a beginner’s skiing lesson, a resort spokeswoman, Lyne Lortie, said Tuesday. “It was a normal fall; she didn’t hit anyone or anything,” Ms. Lortie said. “She didn’t show any signs of injury. She was talking and she seemed all right.”

Can you imagine? She was taking a beginner’s ski lesson, and she was okay at first. Stuff like that kills me.

I think I’m sad about this for two major reasons. First of all, she seems like good people. She came from a long line of famous theater folk (even I’ve heard of the Redgraves) and was really well-respected in the theater community. And she’s married to Liam Neeson, who also seems like good people. They were so freaking cute:

I keep imaging the funeral scene from Love Actually, where Neeson’s character gives a eulogy that makes me sob every time and then sends his wife off, at her request, “through the immortal genius of the Bay City Rollers.” It’s life imitating art in the worst way.

The second reason this upsets me so much is that it disrupts the notion that freak accidents don’t happen people you know. When Heath Ledger died, it scared me because he was basically the first celebrity of my generation to die of a drug overdose. When our family friend’s infant child dies of SIDS, it showed me that these things are real. I of course didn’t actually know Natasha Richardson (or Heath Ledger), but somehow their deaths hit close to home.

Anyway. I’m very sad, and my thoughts and prayers go out to Natasha’s family.

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one of the greatest observations…ever.

I’ve started to read this blog called NonSociety, which my friend Colleen alerted me to because one of the bloggers went to her high school. I’ve added it to the list of blogs I regularly check, mostly because it’s pretty light and airy in an addictive way, with some serious and wise thrown in. The three girls who started the blog, Julia, Mary, and Meghan, have done REALLY well for themselves, and they’ve earned a lot of haters on the way. (I’ve always, er, hated the word haters, but in the world of blogging and mean comments I really can’t think of a better word.) So another big reason that I read NonSociety is because I believe they deserve some serious good vibes. I get worked up when one rando from Europe insults me in a comment (not that I’m still bitter), so it’s hard for me to imagine dealing with being called things like the number one worst thing about the Internet, as Julia recently was. (And seriously, bitch went to Georgetown and seems really nice. LEAVE HER ALONE HATERS.)

This is all a long-winded way of saying that I found something really great on NonSociety today, which was a quote from and a link to another lovely lady video blogger named Brigitte Dale. Take a look:

“Dancing is about moving the attractive bits of your body in a way that will take attention away from the unattractive bits.”

How much do you love that? And as Brigitte points out in the video, it kind of applies to everything. Think about it.

Speaking of Paul Rudd, you should probably watch all of these.

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the white house goes shamrock green!


White House fountains run green for St Patrick's Day at Michelle Obama's request

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, everyone!  I’d say something cool and witty in Gaelic, but guess what, I’m too lazy to look it up!  Anyway, St. Patrick’s Day is being celebrated at the White House this year Obama style.  Meeeesh had them dye all the fountain water green!  Love her.  

And now, perhaps for the first time ever, a SWTCTW repost.  Dearest Madeline found this gem and posted it awhile back, but I think today’s as great a day as any to show it again.  I present to you the song “There’s No One As Irish As Barack Obama”!

It’s no “Danny Boy”, but I think I love it.  Have a fantastic St. Patrick’s Day!  Do something Irishy!  Drink something Guinnessy!  Get lucky…in the Irish sort of way.  

PS- Found this article to make us all sophisticated while celebrating St. Patrick’s Day.  (It’ll tell you what Erin Go Bragh actually means, so maybe you should check it out.)

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