the hawaii chair trumps the snuggie.

Now I know all you Snuggsters are going to take issues with me on this one.  But the Hawaii Chair informercial is WAY better than the Snuggie.

The “Oh my gosh!  This is amazing!” girl…is she serious?  Does she realize that she sounds like she’s…well, whatever.  Honestly I could go on for ages about the hilariousness, but I’m going to let the master handle this one:

❤ Ellen!

[Posted by Kathleen]


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4 responses to “the hawaii chair trumps the snuggie.

  1. the Hawaii chair looks awkward, but it’s probably still good for making a few million for whoever invented it

  2. holy crap thats one of the weirdest things ive ever seen. I bet it costs a fortune though.

  3. Liv

    Haha, that thing is so ridiculous.

  4. The chair is rather interesting, but nothing can compare with the magic of the Snuggie.

    May the Snuggie force be with you!

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