one of the greatest observations…ever.

I’ve started to read this blog called NonSociety, which my friend Colleen alerted me to because one of the bloggers went to her high school. I’ve added it to the list of blogs I regularly check, mostly because it’s pretty light and airy in an addictive way, with some serious and wise thrown in. The three girls who started the blog, Julia, Mary, and Meghan, have done REALLY well for themselves, and they’ve earned a lot of haters on the way. (I’ve always, er, hated the word haters, but in the world of blogging and mean comments I really can’t think of a better word.) So another big reason that I read NonSociety is because I believe they deserve some serious good vibes. I get worked up when one rando from Europe insults me in a comment (not that I’m still bitter), so it’s hard for me to imagine dealing with being called things like the number one worst thing about the Internet, as Julia recently was. (And seriously, bitch went to Georgetown and seems really nice. LEAVE HER ALONE HATERS.)

This is all a long-winded way of saying that I found something really great on NonSociety today, which was a quote from and a link to another lovely lady video blogger named Brigitte Dale. Take a look:

“Dancing is about moving the attractive bits of your body in a way that will take attention away from the unattractive bits.”

How much do you love that? And as Brigitte points out in the video, it kind of applies to everything. Think about it.

Speaking of Paul Rudd, you should probably watch all of these.

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