where the wild things are trailer!

Did they seriously make “Where the Wild Things Are” into a movie? (Let me answer my own question: yes, they did.)   Are you okay with this?!  (I’m clearly struggling with it.)  What are your thoughts?  It seems kind of dark and twisty…

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4 responses to “where the wild things are trailer!

  1. Mallory

    I’m struggling too! I LOVED THAT BOOK. I would always choose it to read to the little kids I was babysitting, and when I had to read a children’s book aloud in Spanish for (obviously) my Spanish class, I chose this one. “Let the wild rumpus start” is maybe the best line ever, anywhere.

    I was skeptical about the idea of a movie, and hadn’t seen the trailer until just now, but to be honest, it looks like they did a good job. I might like this. I don’t know.

  2. la la la lana

    I loved Monsters, Inc. but I have come to accept that not every children-centric movie can feasibly be made by Pixar. I think it will be fantastic, and will undoubtedly evoke a ridiculous amount of emotions from me because I obviously still wish I was a wily, shoeless, 6 year-old, running around in my backyard catching fireflies and wearing my Max suit.

    I predict we will laugh, ponder, smile, bawl, and of course – rawrrr…

    p.s. “Let the wild rumpus start” – theme of next weekend?

  3. doritosinbed

    over the past 2 months my movie snob boyf has made me watch test footage of the film 50 times so im obliged to like it.

    but seriously i kinda do like the idea of it. i like that its not all CGI’ed up the arse.

  4. Christopher

    I think it might require tears. I anxiously awaited the release of Bridge To Terabithia and, though the movie seemed very long and the plot slow, I still sobbed a little when she dies. I predict the same sort of storyline for Where The Wild Things Are. Boy has dad or family that is falling apart, finds self in courage gained through adventures with the Wild Things and saves his family. Or, he could just be gay and comes out at the end. It is a Disney supported movie I think.

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