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we are breakable girls and boys.

Does it annoy you when I post music videos? Do you watch them? I always wonder that. I post them so often because (a) it’s easy, (b) I love lots and lots of songs and want everyone else to love them too, and (c) I genuinely enjoy learning about new music on other blogs. And I know, it’s not like I’m breaking artists that you’ve never heard of (faaar from it), but I like posting music because I can’t make my own music and sharing what’s already out there makes me happy. Fair?

If I start to get hate mail telling me to stop, I probably won’t, but the hate mail will make me sad. (I guess that’s the good thing about all of your readers being your friends, though…the hate mail is less frequent. And if there is hate mail, at least I know where the haters live.)

So um anyway, here’s another song I’m loving right now:

I’ve surprised myself by actually…almost…maybe kinda liking the fan video. It’s sweet, right? If you ignore the classic fan video literal images technique?

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i have to get what’s mine.

I just got a belated Christmas gift, and it was the best kind of belated Christmas gift: an iTunes gift card. Poking around on iTunes and finding random stuff that I like is one of my favorite activities, and it’s even better to get to do it for free. (And not get the random bill emailed to you where you’re all “Damn…I’m just going to delete that and pretend those 25 songs at 3 a.m. did not happen.”) 

I found some good stuff today, and I’ll probably post more of it later, but for now here’s a cheeky and all-too-appropriate little song for Sunday night:

Right on target, Meiko.

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