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i have to get what’s mine.

I just got a belated Christmas gift, and it was the best kind of belated Christmas gift: an iTunes gift card. Poking around on iTunes and finding random stuff that I like is one of my favorite activities, and it’s even better to get to do it for free. (And not get the random bill emailed to you where you’re all “Damn…I’m just going to delete that and pretend those 25 songs at 3 a.m. did not happen.”) 

I found some good stuff today, and I’ll probably post more of it later, but for now here’s a cheeky and all-too-appropriate little song for Sunday night:

Right on target, Meiko.

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’cause i’m dreaming of you tonight.

On a scale of one to Vampire Weekend, I love(d) Selena. How great is this song?

And just FYI, when you are looking to buy Selena stuff on iTunes, Genius also recommends that you purchase “Lean Like a Cholo.” I realize that they are both, um, Latino, but I just don’t think that’s the same genre. Way to be culturally insensitive, iTunes.

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the blues, they’re all the same.

As many of you know, I am legit obsessed with the Counting Crows and would accept a job fixing Adam Duritz’s dreads if he would only offer it to me. I thought I had heard every Counting Crows song ever made, but of course this new genius playlist thing from iTunes was all “Ha ha! Look at all these songs you’ve never heard! And you call yourself a fan!” and then I felt inadequate and immediately bought all of the songs. It turned out to be a good idea, because I discovered what is now one of my new favorite songs. It’s actually a cover of a Jackson Frank song, but I really dig the Counting Crows version. Without further ado, please enjoy “The Blues Run the Game”:

Mmm I love them.

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