watch what you say. someone’s listening.

I get weekly updates from the site Overheard Everywhere, where people can submit the ridiculous things they overhear (pretty self-explanatory there). This week, there were some pretty good ones:

Guy to another: Dude, she’s way out of your league. She’s in the Majors and you’re a tee-ball coach with questionable photos on your computer.

Hungover guy: Man, I got so fucked up last night. The last thing I remember was walking into the bathroom. And then this morning I woke up to the sound of someone yelling “Who the fuck are you?” So, naturally, I responded with, “Well, who the fuck are you?” and then I looked around and said, “Wait…yeah, I might be in the wrong place.” And the guy goes, “Wait, no, I think I might be in the wrong place.”

Female office worker: Once I was at this club and there was a mirror across from me. Not only did I walk into it and break it accidentally, but before I did it, I remember looking at myself and saying, “Who is this bitch?” and then, crash. I talked shit about myself and then I broke the mirror.

Ha ha! People are funny. Keep your ears peeled.

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2 responses to “watch what you say. someone’s listening.

  1. Over heard at a Coffee shop yesterday: ” I used to be be pounds heavier when I was 14. Then I kissed my first girl. I caught mono and lost all the wait. Getting Mono is the best thing that ever happened to my love life.”

  2. Mallory

    Funny, mono is my only diet plan, too!

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