hooray, it’s a mini google holiday!

I’m guessing they’re keeping this up throughout the World Cup. If you Google “world cup” and scroll to the bottom of the page, here’s what you get:

Oh Google, I love you. Thanks for the tip, Miss Madeline!

Speaking of the World Cup, here are some reasons I love where I live:

1. This Saturday, there will be a screening of the World Cup games in Dupont Circle. How fun is that?! Just like with the Superbowl, I’d never pretend that I care about soccer in general, but I accept any excuse to get excited about a large-scale sporting event. Especially when adult beverages are involved, and lord knows they will be.

2. Yesterday, there was a man who looked to be about 45 driving down my street in a convertible, unabashedly blaring the Glee soundtrack.

3. A few days ago, a dude was casually walking down the street with an enormous parrot perched on his shoulder. Is that even legal?

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