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my name is mallory. i overpack.

Thank god for free wireless Internet. I’m sitting here at the lovely Denver International Airport, and I can still creep around on my own blog! Woo! 

I’m here to confess something: I’m a shameless overpacker. Obviously my massive, hideous, bane-of-my-existence maroon suitcase was overweight by ten pounds. Instead of just letting it slide, the airport dude suggested that I take some stuff out and put it in a clear plastic bag. Which seemed like a good idea, until I realized that it meant I had to carry said clear plastic bag with me for the next five hours. Along with my other two carry-ons. People are already judging me; I can tell. Luckily I put a really cute pair of shoes in the plastic bag, so even if strangers hate me for breaking the rules and being a worthless girl, they’ll at least think I have good taste.

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