guess we’re all in trouble, huh?

Guys, this is totally my jam:

It’s a challenge for me to not associate Phantom Planet with The O.C., which probably says something about my musical knowledge/taste, but I lurve this song. I’m going to totally dance around my bedroom to it all summer long.

Speaking of dancing, last night Kathleen and assorted other friends of ours went to the Red Sox/Nationals game, and at the end of the game Miss Potter, my roommate, hooked us up with access to a suite. Excitement about moving from the nosebleeds to a suite (Suite 1, no less), prompted some celebratory awkward dancing. (To replicate, be gangly, then wave limbs around wildly.) See, Kathleen’s Connecticut-loving boyfriend — let’s call him Miguel — and I are both wonderfully awkward dancers. I say wonderfully because when you’re an awkward dancer, you just have to embrace and love the awkwardness, or it just gets worse. Kathleen (poor thing) was blessed with actual coordination, so Miguel and I made a pact that if we ever find an Awkward Dance Contest for Couples, we will totally enter. And totally win. Our confidence is so enormous that Miguel makes this bold claim: “I could enter an Awkward Dance Contest for Couples and win, alone.” Bring it on.

In related news, remember the time Kathleen and I reviewed the 2008 All-Star game? (Here, read it again!) J.D. Drew was at bat at some point last night, and Kathleen was all, “Hey Mal, remember the time we wrote about the All-Star game and we like loved J.D.?” And I was all, “[Awkward laugh] Yeah…I mean, actually, no, I don’t remember that at all.” Kathleen proceeded to make fun of me and said that we both had huge crushes on J.D. Drew and we were both a little ashamed (and mocked by Miguel), because J.D. Drew looks like this:

Which isn’t to say Mr. Drew is unattractive, but I mean, he is a bearded ginger, and I think I would have remembered having a huge crush on a bearded ginger. Turns out, this was the boy we were talking about in said All-Star post:

This means, of course, that Kathleen was wrong! Huzzah! I may have the long-term memory of a housefly, but I’ll take the little victories where I can find them.

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