youtube video of today: free hugs.

Because we watched this video in one of my classes and it was so happy/sad that I had to try really hard to not cry too noticeably:

One Christmas Eve, my mom was boarding an airplane, and the guy taking tickets hugged every single person as they got on the plane. Strangely, not a single person resisted or seemed to think it was weird, and everyone was a little happier after that. Sometimes, I just really love people, don’t you?

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4 responses to “youtube video of today: free hugs.

  1. swtctwshan

    sobbed when the old woman taps him on the shoulder. sobbed.

  2. moe

    I loved this! Thanks for posting it! *blink blink* *sniff sniff* *dab dab*

  3. Mallory

    Glad you liked it, moe! If only my sobs were that delicate…

  4. Maipham

    Loved it!! This one here, though.. loved it even MORE:

    Enjoy! 😀

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