some great blogs you should read.

There are so many amazing blogs out there in the wild world of the Internets, and sometimes it’s hard to keep track. I myself read quite a few on a daily basis, and there are plenty I’d like to add to my list and don’t for fear that I would have no time in the day to do anything else. But no matter how long your lists are, I think these two are worth adding:

Unhappy Hipsters was started like yesterday by a friend of a friend and has blown the heck up. The authors have been getting calls from agents and newspapers and MTV and this shit is all over Twitter. And I’ve got to admit, it’s pretty hilarious. For instance:

And then there’s the way i wanted it to be, which I mentioned (but buried) in a post about how lame I am. I’ll say it here again: Atisha’s photos are gorgeous, and I find his writing oddly compelling. Take a look.

It is very important to me that if the authors of these two bloggies get famous, you are able to say that you heard it here first.

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