repent, katy perry! hellfire’s gonna suck.

Katy Perry kissed a girl, and she liked it! That song is as catchy as “Umbrella” and as tacky as, well, “Umbrella”. I was going to post about how it may be the song of the summer, but upon reading Gawker, I found out some interesting gossip on Katy Perry…or should I say Katy Hudson? GASP! Way more interesting than what I originally had in mind!

Katy Hudson, Katy Perry’s former self, was a Christian rock singer. That’s right, CHRISTIAN rock. Oh sweet irony, you publicity whore! Here is my favorite aspect about the whole thing- she was interviewed by Seventeen Magazine (the magazine for all those under the age of 17 and who wish they were 17. When you are 17, you read Cosmo, duh.) and said some amazing about everyone’s favorite topic–sex.

Katy has a steady boyfriend, but she doesn’t believe in sex before marriage. “I know what it does to people,” she says. “One night my boyfriend and I went a little too far and I felt like I’d fallen so far away from God. I doubted myself and my strength. I was so weak at the time in my relationship with Christ.”

Jesus, Mary and Joseph, that sounds almost as bad as my Catholic guilt! Katy’s steady boyfriend now, by the way, is the lead singer from Gym Class Heroes. I wonder if he feels the same way? He did just give her a promise ring. Please note that a promise ring is not the same as a purity ring, which the Jonas Brothers all wear. Ha, oh Katy! If you repent now, you still could be saved!

Being the good little journalist that I am, I decided to not rely solely on Gawker’s reporting, but do some internet stalking/research of my own. My adventures led me into the world of Christian chat forums (eeeeek!) and even took me to the Web site of the 700 Club (ugggh, I feel dirty and repulsed). Here is what I found though. The Christians are pissed. Sweet, innocent Katy Hudson is now a slootbag! They are disappointed and praying for her. This pastor’s daughter (just like Jessica Simpson! But I bet Katy’s dad doesn’t stare at her boobs) has lost her way. Now, she’s drinking, kissing girls and hanging out with the gays! AHHH!

I feel so torn. My rebellious side wants to applaud her for having a personality and breaking free of the ridiculousness, and the other self-righteous part wants to shun her for being so fake. Dammit, Katy, why do you have to leave us all in purgatory?

Here is Katy before (bland):

Here is Katy now (rawr!):

I Kissed a Girl

Ur So Gay

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18 responses to “repent, katy perry! hellfire’s gonna suck.

  1. “Ironic” is definitely the way to describe it…
    If she felt as though she was falling away from God when she and her BF took things too far, then what in the world does she think now?!
    I just hope she’s not doing this because she thinks it’s the only way to cross over to a wider audience…

  2. Craig Brown

    Pretty girls make graves.

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  4. nikki=*

    woww your a goood reporter. i actually knew all that except the 17 interview part.
    now of course im going to have to go on ebay and buy a laminated copy of that article. grrr. being a freakishly obsessed katy fan is so hard.

  5. Megan & Emmy

    wow…who knew katy was a “good “. haha i bet her dad was ed when he saw the video. i bet all her church shunned her and her family. have u noticed that alot of churches do that? what is with that? ANYWAY..when we read this we were like “WOAH, TMI bout the boyfriend part “…lolol

  6. Megan & Emmy

    wow…who knew katy was a “good grrl”. haha i bet her dad was p!ssed when he saw the video. i bet all her church shunned her and her family. have u noticed that alot of churches do that? what is with that? ANYWAY..when we read this we were like “WOAH, TMI bout the boyfriend part bbe”…lolol

  7. Lynn

    Possibly Katy “Hudson” adopted a stage name to keep her personal life somewhat private? Possibly Katy “Hudson” was forced into religion by her parents (as many people are) and was in fact being fake when she gave that interview?

    And this is exactly why I dislike organized religion so much. They like to spout all these ideas of only God can judge you and yet, here people are passing judgment on Katy “Hudson” like there’s no tomorrow. They like to say, God loves me no matter what even through all of my little daily sins like vanity and pride and jealousy. But not sinful Katy “Hudson” who is going to hell for singing about kissing girls and liking it!

  8. Steve

    it seem that katy perry is doing well dispite all of the jealousy that most of you show toward her. She’s a sucessful beautiful talanted singer songwriter and eveyone who is cutting her down should look at their own worthless existence and wonder why they haven’t been able to be where she is. And if she changes to punk rock, death metal, country, or bluegrass she will do far more than any of u naysayers could ever do… I think katy has won!!! I kiss girls too

  9. Steve

    I take it all back…. She’s a DIESEL DOG!!!

  10. Tasha

    Ehh, whatever, Katy is awesome.

  11. I love me self com jou focken met mij

  12. truepenny

    Hmm…I think that’s called growing up. I’m not the same person I was when I was 17, thank God.

    It’s a shame young people in the spotlight are called hypocrites when they change, whereas in the real world, it’s called normal.

  13. ed

    damn that bitch needs a good slap. all she wants is money and someone to remember her name. stupid whore. lol.

  14. Peyton

    God loves everyone no matter what.
    No body knows what’s going on in her mind and what her personal relationship with God is. And yeah some of her lyrics are to some people’s view “non Christian”but whose to say that she’s any worse of a believer then the quiet old woman who goes to church every Sunday but never full trusted God with everything? Everyone sins.
    Jesus did not die and go through hell and back for people not to love each other and to judge each other! God bless everyone. EVERYONE :]

  15. ND

    I wanna stick my penis in Katy Perry’s vagina.

  16. Lobo Verani

    I don´t see anything wrong with her changing her persona and such, I mean u do what you gotta do to make it in the business. People wear masks and costumes all the time, is hers happens to be a pseudo-bisexual then so be it. Also, her songs are somewhat catchy and she´s an adorable girl, so yeah.
    Envy is also a sin, don´t forget that people 🙂
    Plus, the bible in itself is not a pure text anymore, branches and churches have changed so many things that who knows what´s right from wrong anymore… She acts as a bad girl, and we like it :p

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