yours to decide, cute or creepy?

disneySorry that I have been “the worst guest blogger ever” to directly quote Mallory.  I recently got back from a fantastic trip to Ireland and London with my Mom, and then we had a long-femurred visitor a few weekends ago.  I know, poor me.

All excuses aside, I wanted to share this youtube video to see how people felt about this marriage proposal.  So far, we’ve got 2 votes for creepy, 1 vote for cute (sorry, Caroline).

To me, it seems like the girl being proposed to in the video would vote creepy as well, but that’s just my observation.

Here it is:  Disneyland Musical Marriage Proposal

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4 responses to “yours to decide, cute or creepy?

  1. KTray


    As far as the polling goes, should we factor in the fact that the man is clearly a homosexual?

  2. Carlos

    KTray you have a point. But I still think is incredibly romantic. However as a gay man, I think it is any gay man’s fantasy to get proposed in a musical in the middle of Main Street in Disney.

  3. Molly

    I am voting for creepy. If I were her just because he did that I would say no.

  4. Mallory

    Not even creepy. HORRIFYING. It’s like you can see in her eyes, as he “proposes,” that she’s like “Fuck. He really is gay.”

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