ben folds’ version of chatroulette improv.

I’m seeing Ben Folds on Friday, and this video made me even more excited for the concert. He BEST do this in DC (and I hope we talk to Bobby again):

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4 responses to “ben folds’ version of chatroulette improv.

  1. Grace

    I saw this, too! Ben and Merton definitely need to get together or something, it would be magical. Unless they’re the same person? Haha I’ve been hearing rumors about that, too. And I don’t know whether to believe it’s true or not?!

  2. I’m seeing ben on April 10th!!! Yey can’t wait.

  3. Mallory

    YAY! Too bad you aren’t going this Friday, too!

  4. LD

    I literally fell off my chair laughing.

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