and i don’t liked being used…

Hi strangers! Since I lasted posted, I officially entered the real world. Meaning, I started my job. A real job, not an internship. With a salary and a 401k. I’m pretty excited, but also a little terrified. I wonder when I’ll stop feeling like a college student pretending to be an adult. (Do people ever stop feeling that way?)

I got to spend the weekend gallivanting around New York, which was wonderful — did you know you can eat dinner at a regular restaurant at 1 a.m. in NYC?! — and I took the bus back to DC today. I made the mistake of sitting next to a girl who smelled terrible, and for some reason the floor under my seat was disgustingly sticky, but I had my iPod and some “work” to do (read: attempt to do for five-minute intervals before falling asleep), so I survived.

My friend Kelsey and I have been talking about this Sugarland song “Stay” recently, for no real reason, and I can’t stop listening to it. The video is so raw and amazing, and Jennifer Nettles has the coolest voice. On the bus, I was listening to my iPod on shuffle and I was all, “Hmm. I wonder if I have ‘Stay’ on here.” Literally five seconds after I thought that — and out of 5,000 possible song options — “Stay” came on. Crazy shit, am I right?

Anywaaaay, enjoy:

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3 responses to “and i don’t liked being used…

  1. I once sat next to a guy on a BoltBus who downed like 5 beers during our trip from NYC to DC. I wanted to remind him of the rules explicitly prohibiting alcohol consumption, but he was way bigger than me, so I was like “shmeh.”

  2. Mallory

    They should rope off the back section of the bus and reserve it for the smelly idiots so the rest of us can just chuckle while watching The Blindside in peace.

  3. Beefchocolatecheesesaltgarlic

    Chuckle while watching The Blindside? Mal, do you remember when we saw that movie and couldn’t actually stand up at the end because we were sobbing so much?

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