i paid for the full minute.

Okay so I know I said there wouldn’t be a lot of posts this weekend, but as it turns out, something’s come up. Something very important. Kelsey just showed me a video of herself that somehow I’ve never seen, and I think it deserves to be shared with the world. The setting is Prague, and the videographers are two British strangers that Kelsey and Sarah met (please note their brilliant commentary). The British strangers have encouraged the girls to take shots of absinthe without using their hands. Enjoy:

My favorite part is that Sarah initially just ignores Kelsey’s pain and finishes her shot. That’s friendship right there.

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One response to “i paid for the full minute.

  1. mcparty

    “no, i paid for the full minute”

    hahaha, that’s hilarious. witty British boys…*sigh*

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