another great overheard in new york.

Here at SWTCTW, we’re obligated to report on everything that delights us in the world of croc-hating. Ergo, I must share with you another great Overheard in New York, courtesy of McKorea:

Ten-year-old tourist girl wearing pink Crocs: Smoking is bad for you!
Smoking queer: Crocs are for retarded kids who can’t tie their own shoes.

Perhaps a little harsh, but remember people: CROCS NOT OKAY UNLESS YOU ARE DOING YARD WORK OR ARE UNDER THE AGE OF FOUR.

[Posted by Mallory]


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3 responses to “another great overheard in new york.

  1. You can never NOT have a great conversation in NY.

  2. Blairo

    keep your croc hating away from hospitals…

  3. justcallmepam

    crocs are now outlawed in most hospitals because of their openings and pension for generating static electricity ….btw.

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