palin meets important people, remains worthless.

Aaaand all of this is actually painful to read.

I’m going to sedate myself with an issue of Real Simple and go to sleep.

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5 responses to “palin meets important people, remains worthless.

  1. I see you share my political passion – and quirky blog slant – Six Words.
    Mine is 365 Words that Begin with P.

    Keep it up.

  2. desireycali

    Question 1: How to boost your foreign policy credentials.
    Answer: Go to the UN and meet as many ‘foreigners’ as possible!

    More proof that this woman is unqualified. If she is the best thing since sliced bread, what the HELL is McCain and his campaign hiding? Meeting someone for 5 minutes does not make her an expert on anything.

    This is a JOKE..America wake up!

  3. Craig

    Question 1: How to boost your foreign policy credentials.

    Or you can go give a speech at a rock concert in Germany like your Messiah Obama.

    Dude……The local McDonalds Manager is more qualified to be president than that product of a teleprompter.

    The only JOKE is your blindness to his resume.

    Change……what kind of change? The only change we will get is the loose change rolling around in your pocket.
    Hope…….hope for what. To bankrupt this country and turn it into some kind of socialist utopia.

  4. Scott

    Dude….I’d rather have a socialist utopia than another 4 years of dubbaya “stay the course” crap….The only reason he isn’t impeached is because what we’d be getting is worse!

    Hell, give me another 8 years of Billy than another 4 of dubbaya!!!!!!! At least when Billy lied, nobody died…..can’t say that for dubbaya

  5. Craig

    Commrade Scott,

    Who said anything about “Dubbya” That moron has done nothing to slow spending he and Pelosi might as well exchange rings and call it a day.

    As far as Clinton is concerned, A monkey could have been president during the 90’s because our economy took off due to the tech boom and e-commerce. Not dealing with militant islam kept thing low key but ignoring a problem does not translate to success. Ohhhh….and look up the Community Reinvestment act pushed through by Clinton and pimped by Barney Frank and his crew.
    That act is directly responsible for the finacial collapse today.

    Quite getting your info from Michael Moore and Keith Olberdork and think for yourself.

    Socialism as been tried and has never succeded. It is a loss of freedom, creativity and innovation.

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