really, bravo? finale during the debate?

Project Runway Spoiler Alert…

Okay, so I am a bad American and was switching back and forth between Project Runway and the debate tonight (John shut up about Joe the Plumber…Joe the Plumber doesn’t make $250k per year). Now, I thought Kenley had the best collection tonight, which isn’t to say that I didn’t love Korto and Leanne’s collections. I have loved all three of them from the beginning, personal style included. But JESUS CHRIST Leanne, could you have WASHED YOUR HAIR for the finale? YOUR FIRST RUNWAY SHOW EVER? I get it, Leanne. I have hair like you. Hair that needs to be washed every day. And here’s what I do to combat that: I wash my hair every day. Consider it.

And while we’re chatting, Leanne, please know that you had a lovely (if monotonous) collection, and that I cried more than you did when you won.

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One response to “really, bravo? finale during the debate?

  1. justcallmepam

    i typed “leanne” and “project runway” in google and got a hideous, greasy picture. her hair looks like mine when i wake up sunday afternoon after a weekend-long bender…

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