come on colin, help barack out.

Colin Powell, everyone’s favorite good guy who worked for the bad guys, might endorse Santo Barack O.  Like Tony the Tiger would say, that’s grrrrrrrrrreat!  Everyone and their mother is speculating as to when (but if I had to guess, I’d say tomorrow and he says that Barack’s performance in tonight’s debates compelled him to endorse) and looking for clues.  But Fox News’ America’s Election HQ (why would you go anywhere else for news?!) has the clue to end all clues.  Here is their headline and sub-headline, I shiz you not.

Hip-Hop-Dancing Colin Powell Fuels Speculation He’ll Endorse Obama
Colin Powell showed off his hip-hop moves at an ‘Africa Rising’ celebration in London Tuesday, fueling speculation that the former secretary of state is about to endorse Barack Obama for president.

He hip-hop danced! That means he’s black!  Which means he’s definitely endorsing Obama!

Along with the sure to be Pulitzer winning investigative journalism, Fox also provided pictures of Gen. Powell engaging in practices that surely indicate his intentions to endorse Barry.

Look at him. LOOK AT HIM.  He’s been tainted by HOPE.

Posessed by CHANGE:

Colin, welcome into the loving arms of the Democrats.

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One response to “come on colin, help barack out.

  1. Starmanda

    I would do anything for Colin Powell to make it rain on me.

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