could we maybe get more dessert?

Kids, it’s time for a Hump Day Cry Face (one that’s actually on time, hooray!). I’d like to dedicate this particular photo to the cry facer in the middle, who just moved to South Korea:

Godspeed, Alicia. Bring me back a Hello Kitty cellphone charm.

[Posted by Mallory]


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4 responses to “could we maybe get more dessert?

  1. Starmanda

    Who remembers eating Deirdre’s week-old granola bar buried in her purse for the chocolate fondue because they did not give us enough food?


  2. Starmanda

    Also, one would think it was the cry facer on the left that is going to South Korea…but, no.


  3. justcallmepam

    fun fact. koreans often say, “kimchi” as the alternative expression for Americans’ use of “cheese”. thanks korean phrasebook!

  4. drunkinarowboat

    alicia what are you doing in south korea?????

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