i now kinda like billy mays.

Billy Mays, the Oxi Clean and everything else you never realized that you needed guy, sympathizes with us non-infomercial making simpletons who don’t like to be yelled at. Mays is recovering from hip surgery right now, so he’s been watching a lot of TV. Here is what he said to my beloved Washington Post:

“If I see myself one more time today,” he groans, sounding genuinely weary, “I’m going to pull my hair out.”

I was sick all last week. I hear ya, buddy.

“People used to tell him, ‘Billy, you’ve got to come off the gas a little, there’s no need to shout,’ ” says Anthony Sullivan, a friend, fellow pitchman and owner of a production company where Mays has shot commercials. “He’d say ‘No problem,’ but he couldn’t stop. He has one speed, 100 miles an hour — take it or leave it.”

But after reading this article, Billy, I’ll take it. And even though he sounds like he’s been huffing Oxi Clean for too long, I find him way less grating now than I did before. Strange.

I don’t endorse Billy for Prez, but I would give him a veep nod. I can see him being fierce in foreign policy negotiations.


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