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youtube clip of today: cadbury eyebrows.

This video is taking over the world wide webs!  No but seriously, people are loving this.  It is slightly hilaaaaaaarious.  When the girl whips out the balloon?  HA!  But it’s weird too.  Perfect for SWTCTW, no?  Now all I can think about is Cadbury chocolate.  YUM.

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i now kinda like billy mays.

Billy Mays, the Oxi Clean and everything else you never realized that you needed guy, sympathizes with us non-infomercial making simpletons who don’t like to be yelled at. Mays is recovering from hip surgery right now, so he’s been watching a lot of TV. Here is what he said to my beloved Washington Post:

“If I see myself one more time today,” he groans, sounding genuinely weary, “I’m going to pull my hair out.”

I was sick all last week. I hear ya, buddy.

“People used to tell him, ‘Billy, you’ve got to come off the gas a little, there’s no need to shout,’ ” says Anthony Sullivan, a friend, fellow pitchman and owner of a production company where Mays has shot commercials. “He’d say ‘No problem,’ but he couldn’t stop. He has one speed, 100 miles an hour — take it or leave it.”

But after reading this article, Billy, I’ll take it. And even though he sounds like he’s been huffing Oxi Clean for too long, I find him way less grating now than I did before. Strange.

I don’t endorse Billy for Prez, but I would give him a veep nod. I can see him being fierce in foreign policy negotiations.


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