waiting ’til the shine wears off…

I just discovered that I have frighteningly little money in my bank account, so instead of buying songs on iTunes I have been watching YouTube videos on repeat. Here’s my latest fave:

Can someone explain to me why watching this video renders me hopelessly in love with a sweaty, skinny British dude with screwy teeth? Anyone?

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4 responses to “waiting ’til the shine wears off…

  1. Lana Banana

    I fucking love Coldplay.

    (I’ve been trying to curb the cursing in recent weeks -which has been proved mighty difficult with the number of jackass Palin lovers out there- but I felt it was rather necessary in this particular moment.)

    I think they are definitely categorized in that “Is it ok for me to admit to people that I like them because they might think I’m some kind of sellout-music-liker and judge me?” along with the Dave Matthews Band as you’ve mentioned in a previous post, (not that I personally think either are sellouts) but I’m willing to get some criticism and express to the world my complete and utter LOVE and adoration for Coldplay. I will also go out on a limb and openly admit that this song is on “the Lana List” and frequently makes me sob.

    That is all.

    Peace loves.

  2. blockerthedog

    Yeah, why would anybody dig a skinny rocker? That poor guy, he could never get himself a hot girlfrie….. oh, wait. Paltrow. hmmm. She must have no taste.

    For more on skinny UK singers, rent the movie “Once.”

  3. Mallory

    Blockerthedog, “Once” is one of my favorite movies of all time. Glen Hansard is my ideal mate. He may not be traditionally attractive, but man is he talented. And bearded. And Irish. Mmm.

  4. blockerthedog

    Yeah, Hansard’s “Say It To Me Now,” wowza– brilliant. But the arts, particularly music, seems to be the last bastion of the skinny guy. Of my clients, (recording studio) the artists who create amazing work tend to be the skinny ones. The dudes who break off the session with the words, “sorry, I have to go tan and then hit the gym,” are often the ones who have a hard time having a conversation of any depth. Thank god for Johnny Depp. Most guys seem to be desperately trying to be the same person; The Rock or somebody. No wonder teevee is importing actors from abroad to pretend to be American.

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