yes we can? YES WE DID.

I told you waking up on Wednesday morning would feel good.

[Posted by Kathleen]

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One response to “yes we can? YES WE DID.

  1. Lana Banana

    I feel fantastic.

    You should post the McCain concession speech. It’s very eloquent (minus the disrespectful thugs in the crowd that Johnny silences) and he does a great job at conveying the necessity to work together as the UNITED States of America. Do I sense a new title of Secretary of Defense? How ’bout it Johnny? haha.. Could you imagine? That’d really be something if he agreed to work with Barack in his cabinet. Talk about crossing the aisle.

    While watching, please note the crowd of Palin look-alikes they zoom in on, and around 8:25 the girl cluthing her wine glass. Good to know we have at least one thing in common…

    Also, Sarah Palin cried onstage. Kind of weird? Johnny’s a bit teary eyed too.

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