obama will be our next president.


Too ridiculously happy and tired to say anymore. Nice work, Nation!

[Posted by Mallory]


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3 responses to “obama will be our next president.

  1. Congrats girls. I gave you enough shit over the last weeks, I at least wanted to acknowledge that your boy got the job done. Too bad that getting elected will be the easy part.

  2. Thank you, Sid. Coming from you that means a lot. Keep reading, okay?

  3. Right…LOL…So, after seeing the behind-the-scenes reports of Palin’s behavior in the last weeks of the campaign, reported largely by McCain’s staff, she really sounds like a bitchy twitchy, tantrum throwin’, half a douche bag C-hag. Gotta admit, it would of made for much better fodder for this lame journal if she and McCain won. Probably would keep me reading and contributing.
    By the way, guess where I heard the Sarah snarks?…Fox News, Bill O’Reilly. Jesus, O’Reilly let this wimpy guy go on and on…thought I was watchin’ that hideous troll Couric. LOL

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