life imitating art: devil wears prada.

Anna Wintour and Parisian rival Carine Roitfeld

Anna Wintour and Parisian rival Carine Roitfeld

Sacre Bleu!  Conde Nast employees (those that are left, anyway) are squirming with the too-delicious-to-be-true/reduced fat rumor that Vogue dictator-in-chief editor Anna Wintour is soon to be replaced by her french counterpart Carine Roitfeld.  Vite! Somebody get Anne Hathaway to run across Paris in four-inch heels, storm into Anna Wintour’s suite, and remove all of the freesia from the flower arrangements! 

Wintour’s contract is soon to expire, shortly after celebrating her 20th anniversary last Spring, and the rumor-mill has her out of a job as early as January 1st.  Gawker has more of the juicy details here.  Whatever happens, a major change on Vogue’s masthead would turn the fashion world and magazine publishing world upside down.  Although considering the publishing industry has already been tied by its ankles to the top of the Conde Nast building, a shake-up of this proportion could flip everything back to where its supposed to be (and then the hiring freeze will be over and I can have a job!).   

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