put your hands up and shout.

So our Argentine correspondent just sent this phenomenal video to me. Try to watch it without grinning, or if you’re a freak like me (and don’t you WISH your girlfriend was a freak like me?), prepare to cry a little, with joy:

Happy Inaugural Weekend.

[Posted by Mallory]


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2 responses to “put your hands up and shout.

  1. Link to my blog or I’m unfriending you on Facebook – I hope you enjoy the Inauguration.

    Yes PECAN

  2. TONDI

    hello, like your site, this video shed some tears for me, wouldn’t it be awesome if people just broke out into dance like that sometimes i mean…that would be freakin cool…i think i’ll do that next time i’m in the grocery store or somethin. just break out some tiny speakers and just jam…making people smile is heartwarming and contagious

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