they will never be the jabbawockeez.


My roommate on the Beat Freaks, some crew from America’s Best Dance Crew:

Potter: “Where did they get so many white girls who can dance? I mean, how did they all find each other?”

Me: “Ha, Craigslist?”

Potter: “I mean, yeah, but there aren’t that many of us!”

Me: “Us, Potter?”

Potter: “You know what I mean.”

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3 responses to “they will never be the jabbawockeez.

  1. E.A.

    haaaaa i love it.

    on that note, i’m so proud of ‘us’…. assuming a girl who cannot dance at any level resembling beat freaks is allowed to claim them as my own.

  2. I love these dancing biotches…LOVE. That is all.

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