thursdays are for secondhand inspirational quotes.

This quote  is a little touchy-feely, but it really struck me. It reminds me of something my roommate loves to say: “You’re the master of your own destiny.” That’s cheesy too, but it’s damn true, and we can all use the reminder every now and again.

“Surrendering to the absolute truth that you are responsible for everything that you have in your life is my favorite principle. This one offers you total freedom. No one is responsible for how you feel about ANYTHING; only you are responsible. You’re the only one responsible for how you respond and you can choose to be despairing and join the club of whiners OR you can choose to discover something about yourself that you may have overlooked before. Something that was keeping your ‘good’ apart from you. “

[Kyle King via Mary Rambin]

[Posted by Mallory]


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2 responses to “thursdays are for secondhand inspirational quotes.

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  2. Hi Mallory…

    Thanks for your comment on the Hypogeum. It’s appreciated and your eloquence refreshing!

    BTW… I like your blog. Good writing and subject matter…

    I’ll check in periodically!

    Cheers, kyle

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