i like to dance all night.


I’m pretty late to joining the Kings of Leon bandwagon, but I’m totally in the front seat now. They are AMAZING. I recently read the Rolling Stone cover article about them (excerpts here), and I think they have a such an intriguing story. All related, came from a weird intensely religious background, got into music pretty late in the game, get drunk and get rowdy on a regular basis and aren’t afraid to admit it, etc. etc. Plus there’s a lot of beardage going on, and Caleb’s voice is freaking phenomenal.

One of the girls I stayed with this weekend, Ashley, has been a major Kings of Leon fan since the beginning, so we spent a solid chunk of time this weekend dancing around, drinking Coronas, and blasting their music. If I’m lucky, I’ll get to spend most of my summer continuing that trend.

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  1. we’re gonna fuel the fire
    we’re gonna stoke it up
    we’re gonna sip this wine
    and pass the cup.

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