snowpocalypse, snowmageddon, snowverraction, SNOW MY GOD!

Call it what you wanna call it: DC loves to fah-reeeak out over its snowstorms. Don’t get me wrong; this is a photo I just took from my balcony, and that IS a lot of snow:

But people are acting as though it’s Y2K all over again. The grocery stores are out of eggs, the cabs aren’t running, and I swear to god I saw MANY people purchasing gallons of water as though the pipes are about to freeze when the temperatures are in the high 20s. (Cue my roof collapsing, my eggs running out, and my pipes not only freezing but exploding.)

I personally think the snow is quite lovely! Snow makes me about as happy as sunshine; it’s so gorgeous and peaceful and an instant mood lifter. Plus, a huge snowstorm like this gives everyone an excuse to day drink heavily, eat crappy food, and be as lazy as they would have been anyway, guilt-free! Enjoy it, people. And let’s all cross our fingers that the storm pushes its way through the weekend and gets us all a Monday off.

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One response to “snowpocalypse, snowmageddon, snowverraction, SNOW MY GOD!

  1. I’ll take all the freaking out!!! SNOW DAY tomorrow!!! 🙂

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