youtube clip of today: boy gaga.

I came across this video while creeping around the internet late last night and I was more than impressed.  I’m not the only one, our delightful friend over at Art of the Record thought so too. Don’t be fooled by his Bieber hair, this kid is AWESOME. He’s better than the Biebs. His Youtube name is greyson97 (wait… was he born in 1997?! Oh my god.). Somebody get this kid a record contract!

[Posted by Kathleen]


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2 responses to “youtube clip of today: boy gaga.

  1. Steph

    I saw this on Perez and nearly started weeping at my desk. This young child is my soulmate and, when he turns 18 (apparently in 5 more years), I will find him and make him mine. Creepy? Yes. But any boy who a) loves Gaga and b) can play/sing like that belongs with me.

  2. E.Lee

    Rumor has it that Gaga got him signed to Interscope Records. AT least, according to Google. Also, I’m so happy I finally got to meet the awesome, fantastic, and kick ass Kathleen on Friday! I can’t wait for the ridiculous girls’ nights to come.

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