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not so subtle, eh, lilly mcelroy?

Oprah also told me about a 28-year-old performance artist named Lilly McElroy who likes to do things like lie on the ground and take pictures of herself, hug strangers, and throw herself at men (literally). Now lying on the ground in public places is kinda dirty and odd, and I must admit I’ve always wanted to give away free hugs to strangers, but throwing yourself at unsuspecting men? That’s the most fascinating. McElroy describes it as “an unabashed attempt to make a connection.” Um, sure. Once the shocked stranger catches her (as he hopefully does), then what? “Um, hi! I’m Lilly. Thanks for catching me, and have a wonderful day.”

You can look at a couple of other photos of flying Lilly on her website, but this photo pretty much sums it up:


Happy performing, Lilly.

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