ice cream trucks should sell these.

Looks like it’s consumer reports day here at Six Words To Change the World. Wonkette reported today that a chef in Alexandria invented a beer popsicle, or “brew pop.” Intriguing, no? Of course, there are all sorts of questions about how on earth these suckers could actually taste good, along with the whole alcohol-doesn’t-freeze thing (although, if you are studying abroad in Italy and buy some sort of cheap peach vodka because your roommates are pussies who can’t drink beer, then that will freeze. Just saying…). But apparently Jeff Morales, the executive chef at Rustico in Alexandria, found a way to make it work, and then Senator Patsy Ticer of Virginia worked very hard to pass a bill making sure these things are legal. I have to hope that if I was a chef, or a senator, I would spend my days toiling away to bring beer popsicles to the masses.

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  1. wand777

    well done!

  2. wand777

    stop deleti…

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