excuse me? did you say cookies?

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a new diet fad. The cookie, that’s right, COOKIE diet. Obviously I got a little too excited when I first read about it and had such high expectations. The man who came up with it (a MAN came up with a cookie diet?) is named Dr. Sanford Siegal.

Apparently all you eat is cookies! Brilliant! Except for the fact that they need to be Siegal’s cookies and not snickerdoodles, chocolate chips, thin mints, tagalongs, sugar cookies or anything else that tastes delicious. You slay me, Dr. Siegal. Also, with the cookie diet you take in a mere 800 calories a day. I like my cookies to be about 800 calories each.

Listen, Sanford– it’s not me, it’s you. I just don’t see things working out between us.

[Posted by Kathleen]


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4 responses to “excuse me? did you say cookies?

  1. lifestartsnow

    for 800 cal a day do they at least taste good? *doubt it*


  2. mmm . . . Cookies.

    Even though I agree that “the cookie was a triumph of man over nature,” I think Cookie Monster has some valid points here. Sorry, Dr. Siegal.


  3. This post really tickled my funny bone. I mean, really… a diet based on cookies at just 800 calories per day? What are they made of… cardboard?

    Besides, in this day and age, I thought we had established that 800 calories a day is starvation. There are so many healthiers ways to lose weight. This soooo obviously one “doctor’s” way of making money. I predict this diet won’t be around for to long.

    Thanks for the post.
    Ohma’s Cookies

  4. mycookiediet

    Just to be clear, they aren’t really ‘cookies’. In my opinion, that’s more of a marketing ploy. They are more like well, muffin tops or wait..that’s not it. Little squares of “secret hunger-controlling protein blend”. So you see..they really aren’t cookies…taste nothing like Mrs. Fields or others.

    I’m trying the diet, you can read about it in my blog. So far, so good.

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